Current Courses (2018-2019)

Digital Culture and New Media (Zefat Academic College, CIS)

Sociology of the Internet (Zefat Academic College, CIS)

Databases (Zefat Academic College, CIS)

Data Structure (Zefat Academic College, CIS)

Internet Programming (Zefat Academic College, CIS)

Philosophy of New Technology Design (IDC Herzliya, The Sammy Ofer School of Communications)

Cyber Age: Society, Technology, and Networked Knowledge (Tel Aviv University, Executive MA Program in Philosophy, Information, and Digital Culture)

Past Courses

Philosophy of the Social Sciences (PPE Program, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Fundamentals of Philosophy for STS Students

Internet, Knowledge, and Society

Science, Policy and Values

Knowledge, Society, and Material Culture

Don’t Be Fooled: Testimonies and Falsities on the Web

From Copernicus to Darwin

The Darwinian Revolution

Philosophy of Science (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Philosophy of Science (Tel Aviv University, International BA in Liberal Arts)

Processes of Change in the Development of the Media (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Department of Communication Studies)